In New Quarters

Three months ago today, I made the big move from my country and previous job to intern with one of the world’s leading logistics providers in their South African office.

I must confess that the last 3 months have not been the best of times but they have proved to be most revealing. Too many times my fears and doubts have raised their ugly heads, my impatience has gotten the best of me a couple of times and I am getting to see a side of me that had been well hidden.

Living with strangers is no joke; I sometimes (most times) want to strangle one of my flat mates. My pet peeves have taken a doubling turn and I finally comprehended that I don’t like to cook. I always thought it was because I never got the opportunity back home, but alas…

Work is still evolving, but I love that I am involved in more sales activities and Pre-Sales never looked sexier. I am grateful to work with the senior managers, it one hell of a learning experience. But sometimes the being the least priority on their minds totally sucks

The weather here is just confused (Global Warming is real!!!!) and the people here are a different cup of tea. Many of the young people seem to lack the hunger you are born with as a Nigerian (This is a direct result of our ever increasing population and the never ending competition we are constantly thrown into) but they have a Government/System that works.  There is the constant invisible segregation and the mindset that goes with it. I still haven’t grasped any of the local languages despite the efforts from my many tutors.

I miss home, I miss my mama and I miss my “Med” (long distance sucks). Anyone coming this end should be kind enough to bring me bottled Epa as folks here seem to have it in all forms but plain. My randomness is on a permanent leash and introverted Nwanyi is having a blast. In all, it has been a good quarter, and I am looking forward to more exciting times.


Many thanks to Aeyshadeedee and Naijabrit88 for the Liebster Blog nomination and please forgive my not complying with the instructions.


Literary Connections.

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The Reading Discovery

Hello Guys!! I just started a writing course on Coursera, so i decided to put up my assignments for you to review. I would appreciate your feedback as i work to improve my writing skills. Thank you. ****************************************************************************

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